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Hey, welcome to Data Curious, a newsletter by me (Ben) about how we interpret the world around us through data. This takes many forms, but often include data visualization, creative coding, data sonification, data physicalization, and so on.

Three years ago I started a weekly roundup of the most interesting data visualization graphics, stories, and interfaces I found on the web (mostly Twitter). I shared these links on Medium, which eventually became this newsletter.

Now I’m on Substack, but to be clear, this newsletter is 100% free and I have no plans to charge. I was just so tired of battling with the Mailchimp interface.

Over the years, the newsletter has evolved slightly, but here’s what you can expect nowadays.

  • data viz inspiration - probably the most common reason people subscribe. I also may throw in some creative coding/generative art from time to time!

  • nerdy articles on data and design - maybe not the most popular, but I’m into it, so don’t be surprised!

  • tutorials for coding data visualizations - I like to tinker, hopefully, you do too.

  • semi-regular editions - look, I could promise you weekly, but I know that’s unrealistic and this is just a thing I do on the side so bear with me. You’ll get new stuff when you get new stuff.

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Data Curious about finding new ways of experiencing the world around us through data—visually, sonically, and philosophically. Common topics include data visualization, creative coding, generative art, sonification, and human-computer interaction.